The New Generation of FMCG Exporters

We’ve all heard of Zespri, Goodman Fielder, Sealord and Fonterra, just to name a few of NZ’s largest FMCG exporters.  But it’s some of the less well-known companies like Steens Honey and Smartfoods that are taking on the world and becoming the next generation of leading NZ exporters.  These company names may not be as recognisable but their products are definitely making big names for themselves on the world stage.

So when these companies recruited for people to help drive their export strategies, we, at Synergy Consumer, wanted to represent these world class exporters and provide them with the best FMCG candidates to get the job done.

Steens are the largest producers of high UMF Manuka honey in the world.  Steens were pioneers of Manuka honey production, collecting the purest Manuka honey available from some of the most remote and untouched parts of NZ, with minimal cost to the environment.

Found on the shelves of upmarket stores like Harrods, Waitrose, and Selfridges and bespoke health shops, Steens Manuka honey is winning over the British population not only for its taste but also for its health and healing qualities.

Another health conscious brand loved by New Zealanders is Vogel’s cereal, manufactured by Smartfoods.  This innovative company has a huge presence both domestically and in Australia, but it is now their exports to Asia that are climbing ahead.

Realising export success is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight.  Having an outstanding team is fundamental, a challenge when you don’t yet have a global brand to lure the talent.  Distilling and articulating an amazing career opportunity to someone who may never have considered deviating off the well-beaten career track is what we are good at.  And when career and company expectations align…everybody wins.